Our Junior Sessions at Oak Tree Leisure Centre promise to improve children's mental, physical and social skills. The fun and interactive classes will keep the little one's entertained and stimulated throughout.

Junior Football - 4-6 Years

Tuesday & Thursday – 4pm - 4:45pm

This dynamic session offers a vibrant introduction to the world of football, combining playful drills and imaginative games. Enrol your little champion today and let the joy of running, kicking, and scoring goals, along with making new friends, create lasting memories!

Junior Football - 7-10 Years

Tuesday & Thursday – 5pm - 5:45pm

Allow children to improve their motor skills, coordination, and a love for physical activity with our football sessions. We'll push the values of teamwork, confidence, and a sense of triumph. Enlist your aspiring athlete today and watch as the excitement of playing, and forging new connections creates enduring memories!

Junior Zumba - 4-6 Years

Tuesday & Thursday – 4pm - 4:30pm

Get ready for a high-energy, rhythm-filled adventure that will have your little ones moving, grooving, and laughing with joy. Our experienced instructors lead dynamic sessions, blending easy-to-follow dance routines with lively music in a playful and supportive atmosphere. Through this fun-filled experience, children develop coordination, rhythm, and a love for movement. Join us and let your child's creativity and energy shine in a class that promises to be as educational as it is entertaining!

Junior Zumba - 7-10 Years

Tuesday & Thursday – 4:30pm - 5:15pm

Get ready for a dynamic, music-infused journey where your child will dance, sway, and have a blast while staying active. Led by our skilled instructors, this lively class combines age-appropriate choreography with upbeat tunes in an encouraging and vibrant setting. Through this exhilarating experience, children build coordination, rhythm, and a passion for dance. Join us and let your child's creativity and vitality shine in a class that promises to be as educational as it is exhilarating!

We strongly recommend booking your sessions as early as possible to avoid disappointment. To book your child's place, please call Oak Tree Leisure Centre directly on: 0345 0000 231