Environment & Climate Change Policy

Last Updated: 08 May 2024

We are committed to addressing the environmental and climate emergencies and supporting the net zero carbon ambitions of our clients and wider society. We will lead, support and advise our people to be carbon conscious, resource efficient and to limit their impact on the environment. Our work is never so urgent or important that we cannot take time to do it safely and with respect for the environment.

We will:
• Define environmental management systems (EMS), policy and procedures to protect the environment, prevent pollution and mitigate adverse impacts.
• Provide the necessary resources for the implementation and upkeep of our EMS.
• train and upskill our employees to ensure we have competent resources.
• Encourage participation in our green ambassador network to foster leadership and involvement at all levels.
• Promote a positive environmental culture based on active and visible leadership and mutual trust, care, innovation and pride.
• Meet and, where appropriate, exceed applicable legal and compliance obligations.
• Identify and assess the environmental aspects, impacts, risks and opportunities from our activities and services.
• Actively encourage the input of our employees and wider stakeholders on our strategy, systems and processes.
• Provide a framework to set environmental objectives and targets that reflect legal and compliance obligations and risks and opportunities we have identified.
• Implement plans to achieve agreed objectives and targets and manage identified risks and opportunities.
• Continually improve our EMS by undertaking audits, inspections, incident investigations and management reviews.
• Regularly review the suitability and effectiveness of our EMS to achieve continual improvement in performance.
• Work with our value chain to deliver our commitment to net zero carbon for all our emissions by 2050, in line with climate science and the Paris Agreement.
• Achieve net zero emissions from our own assets and leases by 2030, prioritising avoidance and reduction.
• Invest regionally in high quality offsets where emissions exist, including nature-based projects which deliver additional environmental, social and economic benefits.
• Promote resource efficiency and support the circular economy, avoiding waste going to landfill wherever possible.
• Work with our suppliers to deliver our environmental policy through integrating sustainability into our purchasing processes and decisions.
• Reduce our contribution to air pollution via greener fleet and active travel, helping to address health and wellbeing impacts.
• Reduce our business travel, maximising our use of IT solutions and emerging technologies.
• Work with organisations to protect, enhance and celebrate the natural world which sustains us, encouraging our people to volunteer and contribute

We will put this policy into practice by creating a just and strong culture that actively encourages environmental practices and by applying effective policies, standards, systems and processes. Everybody who works for us, anywhere, must act in a safe way and consider environmental issues when making decisions and taking action.