Healthy Life is Mansfield’s Award-Winning Exercise Referral Programme, which includes personalised support, from qualified staff, to help you increase your activity levels.

What is it?

Healthy Life is More Leisure Community Trust’s award winning exercise referral programme.

It lasts for up to six months and includes personalised support from qualified staff to help you increase your activity levels.

Who is it for?

People over 18, have a health condition, or disability, and need support to help increase your fitness levels.

How I do qualify and join?

The scheme is by referral only. Speak to your GP, or Health Professional, to see if you are suitable.

If you do qualify they will send the referral form to us and we will contact you for an appointment.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the scheme please contact Carolyn Hallam.


Tel: 07718 194 711